Video: Juan Lagares made a fantastic catch last night


As a Braves fan I hate the result of this play because, you know, Braves guy put a charge into one and ended up being out. But, as a Braves fan, I watched Andruw Jones do this kind of stuff for years and can’t get enough of plays like this, even if it means bad things for my team.

Mets fan, enjoy and appreciate Juan Lagares. Heck, everyone enjoy and appreciate Juan Lagares. Even if he’s getting your guys out. You have lots of outs to give. Plays like this don’t happen every day:

[mlbvideo id=”84653783″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

Video: Jorge Soler launches first home run of spring training

Jorge Soler
Associated Press
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The Royals and Rangers played the first game of spring training today. A few other teams (the Red Sox, Tigers and Twins) played or are currently playing college squads, but Kansas City-Texas is our first matchup of big league teams. Baseball’s back, baby! And you know what baseball means?

Kansas City’s Jorge Soler, who hit 48 homers last year to lead the American League, offered us the year’s first glimpse at recreational baseball murder when he took Kolby Allard out over the left field yard.

Mmm. That’s the good stuff. Here’s to eight and a half months more of that. Bring me the dingers.

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