Former major leaguer Julio Lugo charged with kidnapping in the Dominican Republic


Julio Lugo, who played for seven teams in a 12-year career, was once arrested for slamming his wife’s head into the hood of a car and who was widely discussed as having attitude problems wherever he played has run into some legal trouble in the Dominican Republic.

D-Rays Bay has the story. Short version Lugo and some friends are alleged to have kidnapped a man and his girlfriend and held them hostage at gunpoint over some sort of business disagreement. The details, translated from the Spanish language reports, can all be read over at D-Rays Bay. For what it’s worth Carlos Jose Lugo, an executive with the Tigres del Licey (no idea if he’s related to Julio) says that I/we should not take this report at face value:

So who knows. But I know this much: getting arrested for kidnapping and holding people hostage at gunpoint is not a good thing and that’s still the case even if you didn’t do it.