The wisdom of Fredi Gonzalez


No, that’s not a snarky headline. I am legit impressed with Fredi Gonzalez’s response to Andy Martino of the Daily News when asked about the Bryan Price nonsense.

He talked a lot about how, sure, you don’t want the other team knowing that you don’t have a guy available. He also talked about how one can find out if the other team doesn’t have a guy available (hint: make friends with the clubhouse attendants). But he said that, even if you’re best-served to be careful about letting people know everything about your club, there’s no sense getting worked up over it being reported:

You know why I don’t get mad? Because I don’t read it. I’ll read the other team’s stuff, because you want to know if a guy is hurt.

There’s so much stuff in this game that can piss you off, why look at the paper? Something will piss you off every day….There’s plenty of time to get upset without reading these guys.

There was a time when baseball managers could be yelling and screaming maniacs, but red-ass managers tend not to last too long these days. Mostly because there is so much to set you off if you let it that you’ll probably just explode if you do.

Fredi isn’t my favorite tactician in the world, but I never worry about him becoming unhinged. He seems to have a pretty healthy approach to a pretty stressful job.