Bryan Price apologizes for his salty language. Not his disdain for the media.


Reds manager Bryan Price just issued a statement through the Reds apologizing for his rant last night. But not all of it:

This is pretty rich. Rich because the cussing wasn’t the really bad part. Oh, sure, that’s what got everyone’s attention. But as I noted this morning, the most remarkable part of Price’s rant was his disdain for the media and the job it does and what that says about how teams and organizations approach the media in general. The “how DARE you not do our bidding” aspect of it. It was akin to a celebrity pulling a “Do you know who I AM?!” stunt to some perceived underling on camera.

Someone asked me if I thought Price would get fired over this. I seriously doubted it, and now I doubt it even more. I doubt it because I think that, though they won’t admit it as readily as Price did, the Reds hold the media in disdain just as much as he does. They think it’s a menace that can be annoying at times, especially when it doesn’t agree to be bypassed by p.r. men and house organs as quickly as the Reds would like it to be.

This statement was no doubt vetted by the Reds p.r. people. They have no problem with Price being pissed that the media reported news. They just don’t like the language. The best propaganda, I suppose, is the most easily-digested propaganda. F-bombs are a distraction from the message folks in authority are trying to deliver.