Video: Jon Lester tosses his entire glove to first base for an out


I call this “pulling a Terry Mulholland.” Because while I’m sure it happened before, the first time I ever saw a player toss his entire glove to first base to record an out because the ball got stuck in the webbing was when Terry Mulholland did it in 1986. And what is life but our own experiences?

Anyway, here’s Jon Lester pulling a Mulholland last night.

[mlbvideo id=”80354683″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]


Note: the announcer saying that Lester probably saw video of Mulholland making that kind of play back in the day. Probably did, as I’m sure it’s appeared in blooper and highlight reels played on jumbotrons for years. But it’s weird to realize that Lester was only two-years old when that went down.

Oh well. I’m old. Here’s Mulholland doing it back during the Reagan Administration: