Joe Buck has a truly awful suggestion about how to improve MLB broadcasts


Over at SI Richard Dietsch has a piece in which he asked several broadcasters and media members about changes they’d make to sports broadcasts and reporting. Fox’s lead play-by-play guy said this:

Specifically to baseball, I would make players more accessible. There is no way networks can be able to talk to NASCAR drivers before they stuff themselves into the driver’s seat of a race car to go over 200 miles per hour while we are all forbidden to talk to the starting pitcher of that night’s game. Old rules die. Someone is “in the well” before they climb on deck? They can be asked what they are trying to do in their next at bat. Cameras in the batting cage during a game  would then let us see how a DH is getting ready for a big at bat. Bringing fans into the experience is paramount.

I think in-game interviews of managers are already the worst thing about national baseball broadcasts, so sure, let’s expand that to player in the game. Ugh. Buck goes on after that, by the way, talking about the need to bring a “video game-like experience” to baseball. Which I’m sure some of you may have some feeling about as well.

Boxing analyst Al Bernstein gets many, many hugs, however, for suggesting an end to three-man booths. Which are pretty much the worst.