Reds manager Bryan Price on Busch Stadium: “I don’t think we anticipate success here”


There are some incredible numbers about the Reds’ lack of success at Busch Stadium in this Saturday column from Hall of Famer Rick Hummel of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. To steal a few …

  • Saturday’s 5-2 victory “ensured that the Cardinals had beaten the Reds in all of their last nine series at Busch and 21 of the last 23 [at Busch] since August 2006, the year the stadium opened.”
  • “Counting games in St. Louis since the start of the 2003 season, the Reds are 3-29-2 in series against the Cardinals.”

And it’s not like these have been awful Cincinnati teams. Reds manager Bryan Price was asked about this and his response was not the typical manager-speak: “When you go certain places and you win, you anticipate winning there,” Price said. “There’s a good feeling that you have as a team when you go into ball parks where you’ve had success in the past. … I think the complete counter is our situation here. We haven’t had success here for the last several years here and I don’t think we anticipate success here, as much as we work at it.”

Go read Hummel’s entire column for more from Price and a few of the Cincinnati players.

St. Louis will be trying for a three-game sweep of the visiting Reds on Sunday night.