Mike Scioscia is concerned that Josh Hamilton is not “getting the help he needs”


Alden Gonzalez of MLB.com reports that Angels manager Mike Scioscia met with Josh Hamilton when the Angels arrived in Houston for this weekend’s series. Scioscia said the meeting “went well,” but voiced concern over Hamilton’s limbo state:

[Scioscia] said there’s still “no clarity that he’s getting the help he needs.”

“That’s a major concern,” Scioscia told MLBNetwork Radio on Friday morning, roughly nine hours before the series opener against the Astros from Minute Maid Park.

Perhaps one of the problems is that the Angels have taken away a good sense of Hamilton’s structure of late. He is eligible to be with the team but the team has informally cut ties with him, giving his locker away and scrubbing Angels Stadium of his existence as if he were the target of a Stalin-era political purge. “Josh Hamilton? Who’s Josh Hamilton?” the Angels seem to be saying. “Is he that guy who owes us money?”

Whatever support Josh Hamilton needs is best decided by Hamilton, his doctors, substance abuse counselors, his family and his faith. But if what Hamilton needs is baseball structure and the support of his employer, he’s sure as hell not getting it from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

As I said this morning: they need to reinstate him or they need to let him go play for another team who is willing to have him around.