Who watches the watchers?


I won’t say much about the substance of this because, um, it’s about me in large part and that’s kind of awkward. But know that Rob Neyer has a column up over at Fox’s JABO in which he talks about how I rip other baseball writers on occasion. He asks whether that’s legitimate, necessary, polite and stuff like that.

For my part I have, in the past, explained why I do it. Just last week I did here, and years ago I did here and here. I think most of the time I’m pretty straight forward about my motives for doing so.

All of that said, Rob gets a few jabs in, and they’re fair jabs. If anything he could’ve criticized me more as, on occasion, I’m kind of a jerk, but we’ll take it for what it is. Ultimately, though, if you’re the sort of S.O.B. who criticizes others, you sure as hell can’t call foul when you’re criticized back.

If anything, I’d love it if more people in media did criticize me back, at least on the substance of my work and ideas. Maybe it’s easier to go along and get along, but real advances in any walk of life are made when peers respectfully disagree and challenge one another. Writing about baseball should be no different.