The new turf at Rogers Centre is slow


The Blue Jays got new artificial turf at Rogers Centre this past offseason. It’s the same stuff they had before, just new. But in the early going it is playing slllllloooooooooooow. Brendan Kennedy of The Star spoke to Jose Bautista about it:

“It’s weird, but we’re going to have to adjust,” he said. “It’s definitely a lot slower than it was in the past and a lot slower than any other artificial turf I’ve ever laid my feet on.”

Kennedy’s story presents the tradeoffs — it may play slow and thus cut down on some singles getting through, but it’s softer and easier on everyone’s body. He also notes, however, that the effects may be temporary and that the turf should settle in and harden up some after it’s been used and rolled up and unrolled a few times.

All of which just reminds us that artificial turf is dumb for baseball and that we will be ever-so-thankful when the Jays get natural grass in 2018 and the Rays, eventually, find a ballpark that isn’t a dump.