The Dodgers essentially paid $2.75 million for a competitive balance draft pick


This is fun.

On Thursday the Dodgers acquired reliever Ryan Webb from the Orioles along with a minor league catcher and competitive balance draft pick. In exchange the Dodgers sent righty Ben Rowen and minor league catcher Chris O’Brien to Baltimore and agreed to pick up Webb’s entire $2.75 million salary for 2015.

Over the weekend they outrighted Webb to Oklahoma City. Today they just released him. Which means that, minor league spare parts aside, the Dodgers basically just decided to pay $2.75 million for a competitive balance draft pick. The 74th overall pick in this year’s draft. They will also get over $800K in draft pool money since they have that extra pick.

Knock a few bucks off that for the minor league pieces, I guess, but even after doing that you’re forced to conclude, I think, that the Dodgers bought a draft pick.