Josh Hamilton merchandise has been pulled off the shelves at Angel Stadium team store


Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times tweeted out this interesting observation Saturday from Angel Stadium, just before the Angels’ second home game of the 2015 regular season …

Hamilton jerseys probably wouldn’t be a hot item right now after his performance in 2014 and offseason relapse, so this could be chalked up to a simple supply-and-demand strategy. But it feels more calculated than that given recent comments from Angels owner Arte Moreno. DiGiovanna published a lengthy piece Saturday morning examining how awkward all of this has been for players in the Angels’ clubhouse who consider Hamilton a friend but are hearing anti-Hamilton sentiment from the guy who signs their paychecks.

Anaheim owes the 33-year-old $25.4 million this year and a combined $64.8 million in 2016-2017.