Video: Dee Gordon dunks on Christian Yelich during a post-game interview


Outfielder Christian Yelich played the role of hero for the Marlins on Friday night against the Rays, delivering a walk-off RBI single to left-center in the bottom of the 10th. It was Yelich’s third RBI of the night, as he had previously singled in two runs in the fourth inning.

During Yelich’s post-game interview, his Marlin teammates pulled off an elaborate celebration. Most players are met with a shaving cream pie (or towel) to the face, but Dee Gordon took it to the next level. Pitcher Mat Latos appeared behind Yelich with a small basketball net with a backboard while Gordon ran up from the dugout and slam dunked a ball through the net over Yelich.

[mlbvideo id=”68096383″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

Yelich had the composure to continue the interview despite getting posterized.