Bert Blyleven apologized for his anti-Detroit tweets


As we noted yesterday, Twins broadcaster Bert Blyleven tweeted a couple of insults aimed at Detroit during the Tigers-Twins rain delay. Apparently his bosses didn’t much care for that:

Bah. I think the original comments were dumb and, tactically speaking, unwise given that anyone can find fault with any city. But this was far more in the land of harmless smack talk than real animus, wasn’t it? He was disparaging buildings, not people. I feel like it’s the sort of thing that definitely deserves some barking back — the governor of Michigan did in, what I think anyway, was good fun — but apologies and deleted tweets makes this all seem more serious than it was.

Put differently: the first rule of Troll Club is that we do not apologize for being in Troll Club. Own it, Bert!