The bullpen phones haven’t worked in Tropicana Field for two straight games


Remember a few years back how T-mobile was going to sponsor wireless bullpen phones? How they made a big deal out of it with a promotional kickoff and branding and all of that and then . . . it never happened? It was probably a good idea not to go with that system because, from what I heard, they couldn’t make the technology work right. And because, obviously, the Cylons can easily infiltrate wireless communications, rendering those old battlestars which stuck with hard-wired communications less vulnerable to attack.

But maybe it is time to do something to upgrade calls to the pen. At least in crappy parks like Tropicana Field, where for two games running the phones haven’t worked:

[Buck] Showalter said the Tropicana Field bullpen phones didn’t work again. So, in preparation for that lapse, he called in pitching changes through walkie talkies that he bought Wednesday morning.

“It’s strange. It is what it is,” Showalter said. “The phones didn’t work again tonight. We had to buy a walkie talkie — it’s a challenge. I’m going to turn it in on expenses, though. That walkie talkie is expensive.”

The Rays famously have a long, bad lease on their ballpark. Maybe they’re like those people you hear about who still, inexplicably, have long bad leases on their phones.