The Brewers’ Double-A team is going on a 55-game road trip


You can wait until your new ballpark is built to move cities, or you can move with the expectation that the park will be built by the time the season starts. The Brewers’ Double-A team, the Biloxi Shuckers, chose the latter course. The park isn’t done yet, however, so they’re going on a 55-game road trip to start the season:

The team is piling on a bus for a mammoth road swing through the Southeast: Pensacola-Mobile-Jacksonville-Pensacola-Huntsville-Jackson (Mississippi)-Jackson (Tennessee)-Huntsville-Chattanooga-Birmingham . . . The expected toll: 60 straight nights in a hotel, 55 games, nine different cities and some frayed nerves.

That list of cities reads like the lyrics to five Lucinda Williams songs.

Those poor Shuckers.