Baseball is the most Catholic sport


I think this list has floated around before, but its author, John L. Allen, Jr., reprinted it over the weekend in the course of this (longish) column over at the Catholic website Crux. The list: why baseball is the most Catholic sport. And it has little to do with the fact that it has teams named the “Padres” and “Cardinals.”

Among my favorite reasons: “In both baseball and Catholicism, you can dip in and out, but for serious devotees, the liturgy is a daily affair,” and “Both reward patience. If you’re the kind of person who needs immediate results, neither baseball nor Catholicism is really your game.” There’s also some stuff there about scandal tainting those once thought to be superstars.

It’s a fun, self-aware list (about both baseball and Catholicism) that, even if you’re not the religious type, should put a smile on your face. But especially if you’re at all familiar with Catholicism.

(Thanks to Pete M. for the heads up)