Doug Melvin is going to get an extension just as soon as he decides how long he wants it to be


Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that Brewers’ GM Doug Melvin is on the verge of getting a contract extension. The only catch: how long he wants it to be.

Not how long his employer wants it to be, how long Melvin wants it to be. Which is a nice place to be in as an employee, no? Haudricourt talks about the considerations going into Melvin’s decision.

Melvin is 62 and has been the Brewers’ GM since 2003. Despite a poor finish last year and some not-met-expectations in recent seasons, the Brewers extended manager Ron Roenicke recently. That they’re content to keep Melvin on as long as he wants as well shows that owner Mark Attanasio comes from the steady-hand school of management. Which I like, because it implicitly acknowledges that players win games, not managers and execs. At least not directly. And that, if you don’t disagree with the philosophy of your management team, changing them for the sake of changing them is not the best idea.