Your Opening Day schedule



We don’t do this every day, but today is special and I’m all excited, so why not?

Seeing whether Masahiro Tanaka looks like himself should be interesting. Cole Hamels auditioning for his presumed future employers looks like fun too. James Shields and all of his new Padres friends taking on the Dodgers this afternoon is a late-game highlight. And, late tonight, let’s see if Madison Bumgarner can start, relieve, pinch hit and generally make like it’s October 2014 all over again.

Blue Jays at Yankees 1:05 PM  (Hutchison (0-0) vs. Tanaka (0-0))
Twins at Tigers 1:08 PM  (Hughes (0-0) vs. Price (0-0))
Rockies at Brewers 2:10 PM (Kendrick (0-0) vs. Lohse (0-0))
Red Sox at Phillies 3:05 PM (Buchholz (0-0) vs. Hamels (0-0))
Orioles at Rays 3:10 PM (Tillman (0-0) vs. Archer (0-0))
Mets at Nationals 4:05 PM (Colon (0-0) vs. Scherzer (0-0))
Braves at Marlins 4:10 PM (Teheran (0-0) vs. Alvarez (0-0))
White Sox at Royals 4:10 PM (Samardzija (0-0) vs. Ventura (0-0))
Angels at Mariners 4:10 PM (Weaver (0-0) vs. Hernandez (0-0))
Pirates at Reds 4:10 PM (Liriano (0-0) vs. Cueto (0-0))
Padres at Dodgers 4:10 PM (Shields (0-0) vs. Kershaw (0-0))
Indians at Astros 7:10 PM (Kluber (0-0) vs. Keuchel (0-0))
Rangers at Athletics 10:05 PM (Gallardo (0-0) vs. Gray (0-0))
Giants at D-backs 10:10 PM (Bumgarner (0-0) vs. Collmenter (0-0))