The Cubs apologize for the bathroom issues at Wrigley; vow to fix the problems


I just received the full statement from the Cubs regarding the bathroom issues at Wrigley last night (a partial version of this appeared in a news report we linked earlier, which excised out the apology for whatever reason):

Opening Day at Wrigley Field has always brought challenges with wait times and tonight was particularly extreme.  Two bathrooms in the upper deck went down temporarily forcing fans downstairs where we already were experiencing issues with long wait times.  With 35,000 fans showing up in the ballpark tonight, we were simply not prepared to handle guests during peak periods.  We have high standards for service and we missed the mark tonight.

We want to apologize to our fans for the inconvenience tonight.  Moving forward we plan to supplement the existing restrooms with additional portable units and will continue to monitor wait times.

One still wonders how ready the facilities and the club were beforehand for malfunctions to spiral like this, but at least the club owns it.