Dan Uggla is the Nationals’ Opening Day second baseman


UPDATE: Not only is Uggla on the Opening Day roster, he’s starting at second base and batting seventh.


Dan Uggla, who’s being paid $13 million by the Braves not to play for them this season and was also released by the Giants after just four games last year, has resurrected his career enough to make the Nationals’ Opening Day roster.

Uggla hit .149 in 52 games last season and .179 in 136 games two years ago, but the Nationals chose the 35-year-old former All-Star to fill a bench role with third baseman Anthony Rendon on the disabled list.

He signed with Washington on a minor-league deal in December and then posted an .890 OPS in spring training to convince the team he’s back to being a potentially useful player. It’ll be a helluva comeback if he can stick around in the majors once Rendon returns.