Chase Utley “will eventually give in to a deal”


Chase Utley has said many times before that he wants to finish out his contract with the Phillies — a contract that runs through 2018 via some rather complicated vesting options. But with Philly entering full rebuilding mode, might the 36-year-old second baseman begin to reconsider that stance?

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe dropped this nugget in his Sunday notes column

The feeling among some baseball executives is that Utley will eventually give in to a deal as the losing escalates in Philly. Utley, who has a no-trade clause, could be attracted to West Coast teams such as LA (both teams), San Francisco, or Oakland. He’s still a good player who could make an impact.

Utley batted .270/.339/.407 with 11 home runs and 78 RBI in 155 games last season for the Phillies.

The six-time All-Star has 10-and-5 rights, so he holds veto power on any potential move.