White Sox pay $100,000 to send 37-year-old Brad Penny to Triple-A


Brad Penny was hoping to extend his big-league career with the White Sox, but instead they’ve sent the 37-year-old former All-Star to the minors.

Penny didn’t pitch in the majors at all in 2013 and then was horrible in 26 innings for the Marlins last season, allowing 20 runs with a 13/13 K/BB ratio. His last season with an ERA under 5.00? Way back in 2010 for the Cardinals, and even that was only 56 innings.

Yet the White Sox still think he’s worth stashing at Triple-A for the price of a $100,000 veteran’s retention bonus in addition to his salary, so Penny will be in Charlotte’s starting rotation waiting for another chance that should probably just go to a young pitcher. He has a 5.54 ERA since 2011.