Wrigley Field will still be a work in progress, but it will be ready for Opening Day


The renovations at Wrigley Field were not an offseason-only proposition. The bleachers are still being rebuilt, there’s a new video board going up just this week and another that is still under construction. The ivy is going to be somewhat spotty for a good while. Thus is the price of progress.

But the Cubs would like you to know that any rumors about the ballpark not being ready to host games this Opening Day and, especially, that it’s somehow unsafe, are totally false:

Before a renovation update was presented to the media on a conference call, Cubs’ spokesman Julian Green launched an offensive against unnamed individuals spreading rumors that the ballpark wouldn’t be ready, the grandstand and upper decks wouldn’t be safe and Major League Baseball was going to force the Cubs to move the opener to U.S. Cellular Field.

Green called them “wild and baseless accusations,” adding MLB was not “concerned, mad or disappointed in the team or the pace of construction,” and there were no discussions at all about playing at the Cell.

The spokesman went on to call them “absolutely false (and) reckless” rumors. None of which, I think, most of us had heard until he debunked them, but such is the way with a lot of juicy-but-bogus rumors.

No word on whether the Cubs, after playing a month’s worth of games without bleachers and the fans who sit there, will decide that maybe not rebuilding them at all is a better call.