ESPN the Magazine releases its annual player poll


Every spring ESPN the Magazine polls ballplayers with a bunch of random and some not-so-random questions. The year they got 117 players to respond and the results are out now. Some fun things:

  • One AL player thinks that Dee Gordon is the reason the Marlins will be “this year’s Royals,” though overall a plurality think the Nats are the favorite to win the World Series;
  • 78 percent of respondents hate the idea of a pitch clock;
  • 41 percent of players are happy to see A-Rod back, 30 percent don’t care and 29 percent are not happy;
  • The top answer to “what would you do if you were the Commissioner” was “shorten the season. With one guy responding  “We get two days off a month. People with regular jobs get more days off than that!” Of course, most people don’t make an average of $4 million a year, get $100 per diems and get four months off.

As always, it’s fun, froofy stuff.