The Red Sox had a relay race in which the winners didn’t have to take a long bus ride


Remember this the next time you find yourself thinking too hard about the results of a spring training game:

The Red Sox created a friendly competition on Sunday morning to break up the monotony of Spring Training. Two separate teams of position players battled in agility relay drills with this caveat: the winning squad gets to skip Tuesday’s bus ride to Jupiter, Fla. The losing team has to go.

As Ian Browne’s story makes clear, everyone had a lot of fun with it. And even if half of the contestants had to take a long bus ride, there is some good esprit de corps to be had from all of this.

But really, Fort Myers to Jupiter is the worst. Guys would probably do way more than race one another to get out of that. You could pretty easily turn this little competition into “Lord of the Flies” if you couched it just right.