Mo’ne Davis says college ballplayer who wrote an offensive tweet about her deserves a second chance


Yesterday we heard about how Bloomsburg University ballplayer Joey Casselberry, player was cut from his team after making an offensive tweet about Little League superstar pitcher Mo’ne Davis. Today Davis said something she no way in heck had to say but did anyway because she’s, apparently, a far more decent empathetic human being than most of the rest of us:

TMZ Sports spoke with a rep for Bloomsburg who tells us … President David L. Soltz received an email from Davis and her coach in which they ask that Joey Casselberry’s dismissal from the team be reconsidered . . . While Bloomsburg says they respect Davis’ opinion and praise her for being incredibly mature about the situation — the school will NOT reinstate the baseball player … saying, “Right now we’re standing firm.”

Davis told ESPN that “I know right now he’s really hurt … everyone deserves a second chance.”

As for the decision not to reinstate Casselberry: it makes sense on the school’s part. That’s nice of Davis and all, but it’s their decision and I understand why, her words notwithstanding, they aren’t changing their mind.