A-Rod’s cousin Yuri to plead guilty in the Biogenesis case


The last we heard from Alex Rodriguez’s infamous “Cousin Yuri” Sucart, he was in a hospital bed and his wife was claiming that A-Rod re-enacted the peeing-on-the-rug scene from “The Big Lebowski” as some sort of warning or something. The Daily News was playing along, of course, painting the drug distributor who was under a seven-count indictment and who was pretty clearly shaking down his rich cousin as a victim and A-Rod as Darth Vader.

Today, however, the Daily News reports that Cousin Yuri is going to plead guilty to one count in the Biogenesis case. He’ll likely serve a small amount of time. Go for the information, stay for the de rigueur slamming of Rodriguez too.

My favorite part: calling A-Rod’s proffer and testimony against Sucart “Queen for a Day” testimony. Which is a term that, yes, is used in criminal cases to describe situations in which someone involved tells what they know about a crime in exchange for immunity or leniency. But it’s sort of an antiquated term, used colloquially in discussions among criminal lawyers and rarely seen in actual news reporting about informant testimony. The Daily News can’t help itself here, however. I mean, if it has a chance to call A-Rod a name, it’s not going to pass it up.

Anyway, with Yuri’s plea, the Biogenesis case is all over except for the jail time.