The Yankees want their players to eat right


The Yankees have hired a nutritionist in an effort to make sure the players eat performance enhancing food:

As teams in every sport try to upgrade players’ nutrition for a competitive advantage, the Yankees have joined the fray. This winter they hired Cynthia Sass, a nutritionist, and gave her a mission to recommend the finest and healthiest food spread in baseball and persuade the players to eat it.

“We’re trying to build a more perfect beast,” Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said.

Notable also because the club hired a minor league nutritionist as well. As we’ve documented here before, minor leaguers are paid like crap and eat accordingly. Taco Bell, after all, is way cheaper than a place that has a lot of fish and fresh vegetables. Better that the team is helping them make good dietary choices be it by giving them more money or by providing that food themselves.

I find it crazy that it’s still a relatively new phenomenon. People have linked good diets and good athletic performance for way longer than most of us have been alive. Seems like they should’ve been doing this years ago.