David Ortiz is out with “general soreness” through the weekend


David Ortiz has had a slight achilles issue this spring and had a bout with dehydration last week. He’s going to miss some time this weekend too, it seems, as he’s dealing with “general soreness.”

Which, hey, dude is pushing 40, he’s the DH and it’s not like he’s not going to be able to answer the bell when the season starts. Given how most veterans start to feel about spring training at this point in March, I’m surprised more of them don’t either have general soreness now or say they do in order to take a break. Ortiz is no different.

I don’t delve too deeply into local Boston media, but I saw this John Tomase column at WEEI, which suggests that Ortiz has been catching flak from local sports yakkers over this (Tomase defends Ortiz). I can’t even imagine that at this point of his career that’s even possible, but I guess one should never underestimate the need for sports yakkers to be phony mad about some phony controversy.