Dan Uggla has a World Series ring


Players without a World Series ring include Ernie Banks, Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Thomas (sorry; 2005 was a blur for me)  Gaylord Perry and Ryne Sandberg. A player with a World Series ring? Dan Uggla, baby.

As Jon Heyman reports, the Giants are giving him one, as it is their policy to give all players who appeared on their roster during a championship season a ring. This despite the fact that Uggla’s time with the Giants lasted four games in which he went 0 for 11 with six strikeouts while making three errors. He was signed on July 21 and was released on August 7.

As Heyman notes, and as was reported earlier this offseason, Uggla and his doctors attribute his precipitous decline over the past few seasons to eye issues related to concussion-inducing beanballs. They think they have that figured out now, and he’s attempting to make the Washington Nationals. He’s 6 for 22 with a homer, a couple of doubles and four RBI this spring with only three strikeouts in 28 plate appearances. So maybe he’s on the comeback trail.

Even if he’s not, however, he will always have that World Series ring.