Bruce Bochy says the Giants “aren’t even close to being ready”


After a couple of weeks of spring training games the novelty of baseball being back has kinda worn off. The players are into a routine they don’t much care for (note: they prefer night games and being in their own homes on the whole) and sometimes have a hard time getting up for games which really don’t matter. It’s definitely a time to “get work in” and not much else.

In light of that — and in light of the fact that, these days, players are already in pretty darn good physical shape by the time they get to spring training — you’d understand it if they’d all want spring training to end and for the regular season to get going already.

But the manager of the World Champion San Francisco Giants doesn’t think that applies to his team. He thinks they need a LOT more work. Bruce Bochy after a 10-0 loss yesterday:

“I’m just very thankful we’re at this point of spring training and not about to open the season. We’re not even close to being ready . . . All facets of the game, we’re not doing anything very well right now. Pitching, swinging the bats, defense.”

As the linked article at the Chronicle notes, the Giants have lost 12 of their 17 spring training games and have been playing error-filled baseball.

But hey, it’s only March 18. And it’s spring training for baseball players too. Er — um. Yeah.