Ned Colletti: not a fan of a Ned Colletti Twitter parody account


There’s a fellow who, for several years, has run a Ned Colletti parody account on Twitter, known as “@DodgerzGM.” As far as parody accounts go it’s pretty good in that it’s not some one-note joke beaten into the ground and it’s not mean spirited. It’s funny and has some good satirical bite, but it’s pretty harmless as these things go.

As Jorge Arangure reports over at Vice, however, Twitter has shut it down. Possibly based on complaints from the Dodgers and/or Ned Colletti. And even better, Arangure asked Colletti about it and he was . . . surly. Go check the story out.

In other news, when I was at Camelback Ranch on Tuesday, I was wandering around the practice fields, over¬†where fans and the general public can wander around too. Also wandering there: Ned Colletti. And I do mean wandering. Hands in his pockets, stopping to talk to a scout here or there, but clearly interactions of a personal nature — “Hey, how ya doin’? It’s been a while!” as opposed to matters of pressing business.

Put differently, it was just one of many signs, I have now learned, that Ned Colletti happens to have a lot of time on his hands these days.