Maybe if everyone ignores A-Rod’s homer it didn’t happen?


Normally a spring training home run would be worth a bucket of warm spit, but when it’s hit by a guy who merely showing up, taking ground balls and hitting singles has literally been front page news this spring, it is a bit odd for it not to go commented upon.

Yet, as the Daily News notes, it went uncommented upon by the Yankees own Twitter feed. No mention of Alex Rodriguez’s home run at all during the game yesterday, and afterward it went with this:

As the Daily News notes, the Yankees’ Twitter feed is not run by a team employee — which, seriously Yankees? Join this century — but rather, an MLBAM person. Who, somehow, wasn’t aware that half of baseball Twitter was talking about A-Rod’s home run yesterday afternoon.

The story says that “the issue” — though it does not say what “the issue specifically was” — was being addressed and would be “rectified going forward.”