Does being in The Best Shape of Your Life portend a good season?


We keep track of the Best Shape of His Life stuff around these parts. It’s our belief, though, that BSOHL is mostly an exercise in spin and optimism. In the past we’ve made some comparisons of pre-and-post BSOHL seasons from given players and could find no real correlation between the claim and improved results, but we’ll be the first to admit that we didn’t look at the matter too rigorously.

Ben Lindbergh of Grantland looked it, however, and he found something interesting. Something that, while not life-altering or anything, is at least somewhat meaningful with respect to the BSOHL All-Stars.

I won’t give away his conclusions — you have to go read his article for that — but I do think it demands at least some bit of a change in the way those of us on the BSOHL beat deal with these things in the future. Perhaps differentiating between those who are obviously spinning coming off a bad year vs. those who just, screw it, decided to bulk up.