A-Rod hit a home run, you guys


For a guy who has been described as a near-invalid, barely able to walk and engaged in an epic game of chicken with the Yankees to see if he’ll retire before the Yankees release him, he’s hitting pretty well.

Rodriguez just hit a 3-1 Brandon Workman pitch over the left field wall at Steinbrenner Stadium in Tampa. It’s his first homer of spring training and his first homer in any competitive setting since September 2013. Folks on the scene are saying that the crowd roared its approval at A-Rod’s solo shot. Which puts lie to another favorite A-Rod narrative about how everyone hates him and wishes he’d just go away. Really, it’s just a handful of media types and the people who actually sign his checks who feel that way.

With the caveat of “it’s still early in spring training” always applied, let the record reflect that Rodriguez is now 5-for-11 (.455) with that homer and two RBI thus far. That’s a line of .455/.538/.818.