Brian Cashman says Derek Jeter should be the last Yankees captain 


Brian Cashman went on Mike Lupica’s show and said that he thinks Derek Jeter should be the last Yankees captain.

That’s all we know, really. I don’t listen to the Lupica show and this New York Daily News story talking about it doesn’t provide his words. It does, however, provide a nice little history of Yankees captains.

Which, in and of itself puts lie to the notion that the Yankees won’t ever name another captain. They’ve had lots, and it tends to be a title bestowed on players who seem appropriate and at times which seem appropriate. Now, as the team is on the decline, it seems, and there is no star who seems to have a lot of staying power on the club, it makes no sense to have one. But one day they will have a nice youngish but established star at a time when the team is ascending and it’ll feel right again.

Or they could just make it a seniority thing and make A-Rod the captain this year. I’d be OK with that. I assume everyone else would be too?