Before we laud Curt Schilling too much for his attack on corrosive social media . . .


I’ll say it today just like I said it yesterday: good for Curt Schilling for speaking out, loudly, about the corrosive elements of social media and for going after the jerks who made threats against his daughter. I’ll praise him for doing that seven days a week and twice on Sunday.

But as Christian Arcand writes over at the ESPN New Hampshire radio site today, let’s not get too carried away lauding Curt Schilling’s war on corrosive social media. Mostly because Curt Schilling has contributed greatly to corrosive social media himself:

Accountability is a two way street, and Curt Schilling’s social media postings have crossed that line several times.  So while you listen to masses laud him as a hero for going after the cyber-bullies who attacked his daughter, just keep in mind that most of the people he retweeted have/had just a small handful of followers.  Curt Schilling has a vast audience.  Tens of thousands of people were exposed to his hateful and wildly offensive postings and yet there has been no recourse.  He still works for ESPN and I can guarantee you he doesn’t think he did a single thing wrong by posting any of the three examples I’ve cited.

Arcand provides some good examples of Schilling’s social media transgressions. And no, we’re not talking about his stuff about evolution here.

My hope is that, in light of the awfulness Schilling had to put up with this week, he’ll rethink what his own words on social media mean to people. I’m not counting on it, but perhaps this will lead to some reevaluation by him. He’s a pretty bright guy and the parallels, one hopes, are not lost on him.

But either way, this was a good, thought-provoking read which reminds us that even a broken clock is right twice a day.