Predictably, the Daily News mocks A-Rod for his performance in an intrasquad game


I wrote this yesterday after the Yankees played an intrasquad game in which (a) a pitching machine was used instead of a real pitcher; and (b) Alex Rodriguez went 0-for-2:

In other news, in case my tone was unclear or misleading, this does not matter. At all. Regarding anything. Just remember that tomorrow when the usual New York suspects make a point to talk about A-Rod’s o-fer.

I figured that talk would come in a snarky aside about the Yankees. Nope, it got the whole back page:

Points for the pun — New York tabloid puns are usually pretty funny, actually — but hoo-boy for making a big deal out of this. Or, at the very least for making a selective big deal out of this. Chris Young struck out against the machine. No one in that Yankees lineup yesterday, that I am aware of, hit for the cycle or anything.

In other news the New York Daily News is gonna be really sad when they don’t have A-Rod to kick around anymore. I sorta worry about them, actually.