Madison Bumgarner didn’t exactly start 2015 the way he ended 2014


All stories about things that happen in spring training games are, more or less, meaningless. At least the ones that don’t involve an injury. The stuff about a guy doing good, a guy doing bad or anything like that: don’t read too much into them.

This is because veterans are always working on stuff and aren’t too concerned about their results. And because marginal guys care a lot more about their results and, quite often, try a lot harder than those veterans. When you have some of the guys at a 6 and some of the other guys at a 10 and then throw in the fact that everyone is not in regular season shape yet anyway, well, that means the results can be tossed out the window.

Which isn’t to say that we won’t observe interesting results. Results like what just happened in the Giants’ first spring training game. There Madison Bumgarner, hero of the 2014 postseason, pitched one and two-thirds innings, giving up four runs on five hits to the Athletics. He gave up the cycle in the first inning for Pete’s sake.

Which, again, means nothing. Other than each season is a new thing and that, no matter how high up the mountain you climbed last year, each spring starts with everyone back at the bottom, looking up.