Charlie Brown: the worst manager of all time?



Some must-read material as Patrick Dubuque of The Hardball Times digs deep to determine just how bad a manager Charlie Brown really was:

But first, to understand Charlie Brown, we must understand what he is working with. His baseball team is comprised of the following players:

C: Schroeder
1B: Sherman
2B: Linus
SS: Snoopy
3B: Pig Pen/5
OF: Lucy/Violet/Frieda/Patty (not Peppermint, the other one)
SP: Charlie Brown

Of these, only the two middle infielders can be considered clearly above replacement level, with the corner infielders being enigmatic. The outfield is a disaster. It’s obvious that simple talent is responsible for a sizable portion of the team’s record. But how much?

That’s the real question. But all of that being said, as a Braves fan, I’d be OK with an outfield consisting of Lucy, Violet, Frieda and Patty at this point.