Coco Crisp is dealing with a case of pinkeye again


Athletics outfielder Coco Crisp missed more than a week down the stretch in 2012 due to pinkeye and John Hickey of the San Jose Mercury News reports that he’s dealing with it again.

Pinkeye, which is also called conjunctivitis, involves redness and swelling between the eyelid and eye surface. It’s contagious, so the Athletics don’t want to take any chances. He’s likely to miss a few days.

“We’re hoping we’ve caught it early,’’ manager Bob Melvin said. “He came in with it yesterday and we’ve got him at home now hoping this resolves itself quickly.’’

Crisp, 35, batted .246/.336/.363 with nine home runs, 46 RBI, and 19 stolen bases across 126 games last season. He’s expected to serve as Oakland’s regular center fielder again in 2015.