Max Scherzer has added a cutter to his arsenal


That’s not a huge deal — pitchers talk about adding pitches pretty often — but it’s the key Tyler Kepner uses to unlock the door into Max Scherzer’s world in his excellent New York Times article about the Nationals’ new ace.

In it he talks about Scherzer’s lack of complacency despite getting a giant new contract, noting that agent Scott Boras was surprised to learn that, after getting his last big contract as a pro, Scherzer immediately set out to get better. Which is not something every guy who cashes in big does. Scherzer is compared to Greg Maddux in that way and Scherzer cites Maddux as a particular role model. Kepner notes that, when Maddux was Scherzer’s age it was 1996 and Maddux proceeded to unleash seven amazing seasons.

You’re not going to get rich in life betting that someone is going to be Greg Maddux all over again, but you have to admire him.