Yankees don’t plan on having to pay A-Rod’s $30 million in home run milestone bonuses


Alex Rodriguez is due $30 million in marketing bonuses from the Yankees for reaching certain milestone markers between career home runs 660 and 763 — 763 being the all-time home run record.

Rodriguez will head into the 2015 season with 654 career jacks, so he’s going to start expecting checks. But the Yankees are ready to fight him on the issue.

Jon Heyman has the story at CBSSports.com …

Yankees people are said to be confident A-Rod wouldn’t prevail in the expected skirmish over the $30 million, not only because of their belief that his drug missteps have rendered his marketing value nil, but also because of the phrasing in the agreement that requires that the Yankees “designate” the historic home runs as milestones. Perhaps even more important, the potential to call him to the stand under oath should he challenge their decision to refuse to pay, as is his right.

Without seeing the exact language in A-Rod’s contract, it’s hard to guess how this will actually play out.

Rodriguez is supposed to get $6 million if he ties Willie Mays (660), $6 million for tying Babe Ruth (714), $6 million more for tying Hank Aaron (755), and another $6 million if he matches Barry Bonds at 762. He would then get $6 million for setting a new all-time home run mark. The 39-year-old third baseman turned designated hitter is under contract with the Yankees for the next three years at a total of $64 million in base salaries.