Report: Josh Hamilton had a relapse this offseason that “involved at least cocaine”


Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday afternoon that Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton had been summoned to New York City to meet with Major League Baseball officials concerning a “disciplinary issue.”

There was immediate speculation from various corners of the internet that it probably had something to do with his well-documented battle with drug addiction, and now that sadly looks to be true.

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman is hearing from sources that Hamilton had a relapse “a couple months back” that “involved at least cocaine.” Heyman says the 33-year-old slugger confessed to MLB officials that he used. There’s no word of a failed test.

Heyman suspects that Hamilton will be put into a rehab program as a first-time offender. His prior issues with drugs happened before he was on a major league roster, so he could avoid a suspension.

Hamilton was already due to miss the first month or two of the 2015 regular season while recovering from right shoulder surgery. Anaheim owes him a total of $90.2 million over the next three years.