Nick Markakis on O’s: “Don’t believe a word they say … It was all because of my neck”


USA Today’s Bob Nightengale has the juicy quotes

Outfielder Nick Markakis had some pointed words for the Baltimore Orioles, telling USA TODAY Sports, “Don’t believe a word they say,” regarding his offseason departure.

“It was all because of my neck,” Markakis told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. “They can say what they want to make them look good. Don’t believe anything they say. It’s all B.S.”

Markakis needed fusion surgery for a herniated disk in his spine two weeks after signing a four-year, $44 million free agent contract with the Braves. So of course the Orioles’ reluctance to sign him was about his neck. What, did he want them revealing that back in November?

Baltimore general manager Dan Duquette has now acknowledged in this same USA Today piece that the neck injury was a factor in letting him go: “We were worried about the neck,” Duquette told Nightengale.