The Red Sox’ Triple-A team is leaving Pawtucket for Providence


UPDATE: The linked article was updated after I first read it to include the information about Providence being the new Triple-A city for the Sox.

11:03 AM: Minor league affiliations shift around pretty often, but some have lasted so long that it still feels weird to think of them changing. One change that would be hard to get our brains around is the Red Sox’ Triple-A team leaving Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Welp, time to get your brain around it. From the Boston Globe:

Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien said his city’s Triple A baseball club, the Pawtucket Red Sox, has been sold and is leaving the city.

The mayor told radio station WPRO that he was briefed by the team Sunday. He did not disclose the new owners or where they will move the team. The Globe reported Sunday that the Red Sox are among the new owners along with a local group.

Pawtucket has been the Red Sox’ top affiliate since 1973. The Pawtucket Red Sox were a Double-A team for a couple of years before that. There has been some minor league team or another there since the 19th century.