The 28th most handsome manager doubts his ranking will affect his team


Earlier today Ned Yost was quoted as saying that all stories this time of year are “fluff.” Well, he certainly didn’t read this dispatch from Tempe:

Scioscia was told he finished 28th in NBC Sports’ ranking of manager handsomeness and laughed it off. “Is that going to help us score a single run this year?”

When I first did the handsome manager rankings, in December 2013, Scioscia was ranked number 26. The following season the Angels ranked number one in all of baseball in runs scored.  This past December, when I updated the rankings, Scioscia fell to number 28 thanks to some hunkier guys getting hired. We’ll see if the Angels still score as many runs.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Correlation/Causation class down and my local community college.