Jeffrey Maier’s glove sells for $22,705


From the Associated Press, via the Baltimore Sun:

The glove Jeffrey Maier used to pull Derek Jeter’s famous home run over the wall during the 1996 American League Championship Series against the Orioles has been sold at auction for $22,705.

Heritage Auctions says the glove was purchased by an anonymous collector Saturday night, with no mention of what the buyer plans to do with it.

“Even to this day, almost 20 years after the fact, this glove still continues to elicit smiles from Yankees fans and curses from Orioles fans,” said Chris Ivy, the Director of Sports Auctions at Heritage. “It’s an innocuous enough little black leather Mizuno glove, but it still inspires big emotions and commanded a big-time auction price.”

In case you want to relive that wild moment

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