The Angels’ negotiations for a new lease are going nowhere


The Angels’ current lease allows them to opt-out at any time between 2016 and 2019. If they don’t opt-out, the lease gets extended until 2029. So now is the time for the Angels to either (a) negotiate the terms of a new lease with Anaheim; or (b) prepare to opt-out and move.

Jeff Fletcher of the O.C. Register reports, however, that negotiations for a new lease are “going nowhere.” And Angels’ owner Arte Moreno said that the team was “looking at opportunities” with respect to new stadiums. Which could be bluster, of course. You may recall last year there was some talk of the Angels moving to Tustin, California. It all seemed like a bluff at the time and probably was.

But hey, maybe they can join in with the Raiders and Chargers in Carson? The more the merrier, right?  Unless that’s a big bluff too, in which case it’d be the more the bluffier.